I hate this

Doing a blog sucks.



Unlike You

I will have a life eventually so…….. Don’t expect posts all day losers.


Thought I Was just sports huh? Well I fooled you! Thursday’s daily column will be NEVER AGAIN! I tried Ginger Wasabi for the first time on the fourth. I had ginger wasabi for the last time on the fourth. It honestly tastes like crap. Don’t Buy It. We’ll run all the Ginger Wasabi companies out of business for trying to give their customers food poisoning. Whos WITH ME? 🙂

This is just a site I made to evolve personal feelings to the Webernet. Anyhow. Blah Blah Blah

❤ With Love, ❤


This will be a weekly column every Wednesday featuring a story that’s gotten way to much coverage. LeBron made a descision to join the Miami Heat. Blah to ESPN for a Lebron James watch. Hello! We HAVE INTERNET! Blah to the people that didn’t like all the LeBron Publicity. First of all, the Descision profits went to The Boys and Girls Club of America.  I don’t need a second of all so BLAH. And Finally a Major Blah to Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Sending that letter was not the smartest on your choice. I guarantee  Lebron will win a title before Cleveland does. Blah.

Thats enough Blahing. You get the point.